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Estes Rocket Launch Sets

Estes Rocket Launch sets are the perfect way to get your model rocket hobby started. Each set includes a launch pad, a launch controller, and an Estes rocket that is either easy to assemble, ready to fly or a rocket kit requiring up to Skill Level 2 to construct. All you need to purchase separately is the appropriate Estes engine for your model rocket and some recovery wadding, batteries, and possibly glue, which are sold separately.

All the Estes rockets in this range are relatively easy to assemble and you could be making your first launch the very same day you receive your rocket launch set!

Estes Rocket Launch Sets Buyers Guide

Estes Rocket Launch sets come complete with a launch system, which is the launch pad and the launch controller, and at least one Estes rocket.

Nearly all the rockets that are included in the launch sets are either ready to fly or only require minimal construction. Those that are labelled Ready to Fly (RTF), Almost Ready to Fly (ARF) or Easy to Assemble (E2X), will take a maximum of one hour to assemble and require no real hobby craft skills at all. If the rocket is labelled Skill level 1 or Skill Level 2, it will take between half a day and a day to assemble, there will be some gluing, sanding and painting involved, and it will require beginner’s levels of modelling skills to complete.

One of the most popular Estes rocket launch sets is the HeliCAT Launch Set. This particular model only takes minutes to assemble and it has an amazing helicopter nose cone recovery system. All you will need in addition to the kit is glue and plastic cement, recovery wadding and the appropriate Estes engines, which are sold separately.

The recommended engines for this model are: B4-2, B6-2 (First Flight), C6-3, C6-5

If you are looking for an Estes rocket as a gift for someone who has never had a model rocket before, then Estes Rocket Launch Sets are probably the best choice. They are recommended for ages 10 and above, but adult supervision is advised for anyone under the age of 12.

For more information on model rocket safety, read the National Association of Rocketry Model Rocket Safety Code.

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