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Estes Rocket Engines

Estes engines are considered to be the best rocket engines on the market today. Estes were the very first company to mass produce solid propellant model rocket engines and they have gained a reputation for producing the highest quality and most reliable model rocket engines.

Each Estes rocket that you buy will have recommended Estes engines that you should use with that model. It is not advisable to use engines that are not recommended for a particular model.

To find the Estes engine that you are looking for, you can either use the search box on the right hand panel of the Model Rocket Store or, under the main menu Item for Estes Rocket Engines, you will find a drop down list of rocket engines by type.

To learn more about how Estes engines are classified and coded, please see: Estes Rocket Engines Explained.

Estes Rocket Engines Buyers Guide

Whenever you purchase an Estes rocket or rocket kit, you will find that are certain Estes engines recommended for use with that rocket.

Estes engines are classified by a colour coding scheme that indicates recommended use, and a number system that is laid down by the National Association of Rocketry (NAR) that indicates the impulse, thrust and the time delay to the firing if the ejection charge.

The colours used on Estes rockets are: Green for engines recommended for single stage rockets, Purple for engines recommended for the top stage of a multistage rocket, Red for engines designed to be used as booster engines, and blue for plugged rocket engines.

A typical NAR rocket engine code would look like: A8-3. Wheler ten “A” indicates the pulse in newton seconds that will be produced by the engine, the “8” indicates the average thrust in newtons that the rocket will produce, and the “3” indicates tee seconds between the thrust firing and the ignition of the ejection charge.

For more information on Estes engines and the rocket engine coding system, please visit: Estes Rocket Engines Explained

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