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Estes Model Rocket Kits

Estes model rocket kits are suitable for beginners and experts alike and they are classified by 5 skill levels, which indicates the complexity of the build.

For ease of use, when you click on the menu option for Estes Model Rocket Kit in the right hand panel of our model rocket store, it will drop down a list of rocket kits grouped by skill level. If you prefer, or of you already know the name of the model you are looking for, you can stay on the top level of the rocket kit menu and use the search box at the top of the right hand panel to locate your rocket.

The five levels of skill levels are categorised by Estes as follows:

Skill Level 1-Beginner builder skills.

Skill Level 2-Average building skills.

Skill Level 3-Intermediate building skills.

Skill Level 4-Advanced building skills.

Skill Level 5-Master building skills.

For more details on what is involved with each of these skill levels, please see Estes Rockets by Skill Level.

As you move through the skill levels, you will need more expertise, time, and, in some case, more finishing materials and tools as well. As a minimum, you will need to buy the recommended Estes engines for the particular model you have selected and you will need to have a launch system suitable for your chosen rocket.

Estes Model Rocket Kits Buyers Guide

Estes model rocket kits are graded by skill level and the level indicated will tell you, broadly, how long a rocket will take to build and what level of modelling skills you will need to build it. Unlike the Ready to Fly, Almost Ready to Fly, and the Easy to Assemble ranges of Estes model rockets, kits in the skill levels 1-5 are all likely to need some painting, gluing and sanding and, the higher up the levels you get, the more modelling skills you will need and the longer it will take to complete the model.

Unless otherwise indicated, you will need to buy rocket engines, a launch system and recovery wadding separately and tools, paint and glue are not included with the kits either.

Here is an outline of what you can expect with rockets in each of the five skill levels:

Skill level 1
Skill Level 1 Estes rockets will probably take about half a day to assemble. Most models in this range have plastic or balsa wood nose cones, ready-made decals, and laser cut wood fins. The construction of a Skill Level 1 rocket is not overly complicated, but it will usually require some sanding, gluing and painting.

Skill level 2
Skill Level 2 rocket kits are a step up from the beginner’s level of rocket towards the more advanced modelling skills. Models usually include unfinished body tubes and waterslide decals, balsa or plastic nose cones, and laser cut wood fins. Models in this range require basic modelling skills and the assembly will take approximately one day to complete.

Skill level 3
Estes rockets that are labelled Skill Level 3 are fairly complex to make and they will take a few days to complete. For models in this range it is assumed that you have intermediate modelling skills. Skill Level 3 kits will have complex designs, unfinished body tubes, multiple laser cut wood fins and parts and plastic or balsa nose cones.

Skill level 4
Skill Level 4 rockets are quite a big step up from the Level 3 models. They require a high level of modelling, including building and painting the rocket.  You can expect Skill Level 4 Estes rockets to take a few weeks to construct and it will entail the use of some fairly advanced paper and wood modelling techniques.

Skill level 5
Skill Level 5 rockets take a lot of building and they require high levels of modelling skills to complete. The construction is very complex and it will take several weeks to complete. Your reward for your effort, though, will be an exceptional high quality model rocket that flies incredibly well.

Estes model rocket kits may require the use of additional tools and supplies that are sold separately, especially those in the higher skill levels. Please check the individual rocket’s specs for details. In order to launch a model rocket, you will also need suitable rocket engines, recovery wadding, and a launch system, which are also sold separately unless otherwise indicated.

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