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The Largest Amateur Model Rocket Ever Launched and Recovered

Largest Model Rocket Ever Launched, Steve Eve's Saturn V Model Rocket, Model Rocket Store
Image Source: VIDEO by Roy Dawson Realtor - YouTube
If you think that your Estes Almost Ready to Fly model rocket is pretty cool, then take a look at the largest amateur model rocket ever launched and recovered!

On Saturday 25th April 2009, Steve Eves smashed two world records in one go with the launch of his 1/10th scale model of the Saturn V rocket that he had built in his garage. The 36ft tall rocket was both the largest and the heaviest model rocket to have ever been launched and successfully recovered.

Model Rocket Safety Tips

If you are thinking of buying someone a flying model rocket as a gift, then one question that many people will have in their mind is just how safe are model rockets for kids?

Model rocketry actually has an extremely impressive safety record, but we are talking about pyrotechnics here, so there are some basic model rocket safety guidelines that need to be followed.

Here’s a guide to model rocket safety and a few tips that will help to ensure that you can have a fun day out flying model rockets with no danger to you, or to any spectators and passers-by.

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History of Model Rockets

Estes Model Rockets 1969, Alpha, Saturn V (Semi Scale), X-ray, Aerobee 300, Astron Ranger, Model Rocket Store
Five rockets from Estes in 1969
Alpha, Saturn V (Semi Scale), X-ray, Aerobee 300, and Astron Ranger
Rockets are not a recent invention. The Chinese were using rudimentary rockets, or “arrows of fire”, as weapons as long ago as the 13th century and those early rockets were very similar in design to modern day fireworks. Over the next few hundred years, rocket design was refined and the first drawings of a multi-stage rocket were made in 1591 by a Belgian named Jean Beavie.

Although there were many small rockets produced in the intervening years, the first model rocket with a modern model rocket motor was designed in 1954 by Orville Carlisle and his brother Robert. Their original rocket was designed to be used to demonstrate the principals of rocket powered flight.