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Estes Saturn V Flying Model Rocket Kit

Estes Saturn V Flying Model Rocket Kit, Model Rocket Store, Model Apollo Rocket
The Estes 002157 - Saturn V is a stunning 1/1000th scale flying replica of the incredible Saturn V rocket that took men to the moon.

It’s hard to believe that the Saturn V rocket is still the most powerful, the tallest and the heaviest rocket that has ever been in operational use to date and its first ever launch was way back in 1967.The Apollo missions, which flew its first manned light in 1968, landed men on the moon in 1969, and ended in in 1972, were watched by millions of people on TV, all around the world and the world thought that it was watching the dawning of a new era for man in space. Sadly, though, the amazing feat of sending men beyond low Earth orbit has never been repeated.

Guide to Buying Model Rockets as Gifts

Estes Alpha III Rocket Launch Set, Model Rocket Store, Model Rockets for Gifts
Estes Alpha III Rocket Launch Set
Model rockets make wonderful gifts for kids and it could be the start of an educational hobby that might even lead on to greater things. Many parents are looking for ways of dragging their kids away from their computer screens and getting them outside in the fresh air. Model rocketry might just be the exciting hobby that will finally entice your youngster away from Minecraft or Call of Duty!

If you have never bought a model rocket before, you will no doubt have some questions about the hobby. Not least of these questions will be; is flying model rockets safe for kids and, of course, how much do model rockets cost?

Equipment Needed to Launch a Model Rocket

model rocket launch set, model rocket launch equipment, model rocket store
What additional equipment will I need to launch a model rocket?

If you are new to the world of model rocketry, you could be forgiven for thinking that terms like “Ready to Fly” mean that the rocket is ready to fly and that it comes with all you need to launch it.

Unfortunately, if you do buy a model rocket thinking that you are going to take it out of its packaging and fly it, you are going to be a bit disappointed, because you will  need to buy some launch equipment as well, which is usually sold separately.

Estes Rocket Engines

Model Rocket Store, Estes Model Rocket Engines
The origins of Estes model rocket engines and what model rocket engine codes mean.

Estes rocket engines are widely regarded as the best model rocket engines on the market. Estes have been manufacturing model rocket motors for over 50 years and it was Vern Estes that invented the very first machine that mass produced model rocket engines. 

Estes Rockets by Skill Level

Estes Model Rocket, Bid Daddy Rocket, Model Rocket Store

Estes Model Rocket Kit Skill Levels Explained

Estes the leading manufacture of model rockets in the world and Estes rockets, motors, and other model rocket accessories are considered to be among the very best on the market. The company was established more than 50 years ago by Vern Estes, who invented a machine that could mass-produce solid propellant model rocket engines.