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Estes Mercury Redstone – Skill Level 3 – Estes Model Rocket Kit – 001921

Estes Mercury Redstone, Skill Level 3, Estes Model Rocket Kit 001921, Model Rocket Store
With the Estes Mercury-Redstone model rocket, Estes pay tribute to the rockets that took the first Americans into space.

The stunning Estes Mercury-Redstone model rocket kit is a skill level three model rocket, which means that it will take saver days to construct and it has a fairly complex design. For this type of Estes rocket kit, you will need moderate modelling skills and you will need a bit of patience to complete it.

Along with other Estes rockets like the Estes V2 Semi-Scale Model, the Estes Little Joe II and the Estes Saturn V Model Rocket Kit, the Mercury-Redstone model rocket would make a wonderful addition a collection of historical based model rockets.

How Model Rocket Engines Work

Model Rocket Engine, Model Rocket Motor, How do Model Rocket Engines Work, Estes Engine, Model Rocket Store
Of course, it’s not recommended that you take a model rocket engine apart to find out how it works but if you have ever wondered what’s inside your Estes engine and what makes a model rocket fly, here is a breakdown of the components of a model rocket engine and a description of how model  rocket engines work.

Top Gear Reliant Robin Rocket Launch

Top Gear Reliant Robin Shuttle Rocket Launch, Model Rocket Store
One of the most ambitious and spectacular stunts that Top Gear ever attempted was, without a doubt, the Top Gear attempt to launch a Reliant Robin into space.

OK, so space was probably pushing the bounds of possibility a little bit too far, however, while Top Gear’s shuttle launch didn’t go entirely to plan, they certainly did manage to boldly send a Reliant Robin were no Reliant Robin had gone before.

Flying Model Rockets – Rules and Regulations

Model Rocket Rules and Regulations, Model Rocket Store
The laws regarding the flying of model rockets vary from country to country as does the legal minimum age for purchasing model rockets. Here we have provided information about the law and model rockets in the USA. If you live outside of the USA, you will need to check with local authorities, local model rocket clubs or model rocket associations for the rules that apply to your particular location.

Estes V2 Semi-Scale Model - Skill Level 4 Model Rocket - Estes Model Rocket Kit 003228

Estes V2 Model Rocket, Estes Model Rocket Kit 003228, Model Rocket Store
The Estes V2 model rocket kit is a cool looking rocket, the design of which is based on the German World War II rocket of the same name. 

Even though the V2 Semi-Scale Model kit is labelled as a Skill level 3 model rocket, it’s not the most difficult of the Estes skill level 3 rockets to build and it is a real head turner too.

At Model Rocket Store, we like to combine a bit of a history lesson with our model rocket reviews, so read on, and you will find out more about the history of the real V-2 rocket as well as a run-down on the superb Estes scale flying model rocket version of the V-2.

Estes Little Joe II – Skill Level 4 Model Rocket - Estes Model Rocket Kit 007277

Estes Little Joe II Model Rocket, Model Rocket Store
The Estes Little Joe II is an amazing looking 1/45th scale flying model rocket kit based on the NASA rocket that was used to test the Apollo Capsule that was eventually  used to take men to the moon on the Saturn V rocket.

The Estes Little Joe II model rocket kit is more than just another flying model rocket; it’s a little piece of history too! 

Here’s our review of the Estes 007277 Little Joe II model rocket kit and a little bit of background history on how the full size Little Joe II rocket paved the way for NASA astronauts to walk on the moon.

The Largest Amateur Model Rocket Ever Launched and Recovered

Largest Model Rocket Ever Launched, Steve Eve's Saturn V Model Rocket, Model Rocket Store
Image Source: VIDEO by Roy Dawson Realtor - YouTube
If you think that your Estes Almost Ready to Fly model rocket is pretty cool, then take a look at the largest amateur model rocket ever launched and recovered!

On Saturday 25th April 2009, Steve Eves smashed two world records in one go with the launch of his 1/10th scale model of the Saturn V rocket that he had built in his garage. The 36ft tall rocket was both the largest and the heaviest model rocket to have ever been launched and successfully recovered.